XIST is a new and innovative free-roam virtual reality system.

The technology enables a highly-scalable solution without relying on heavy backpack gaming PCs or costly motion capture rigs. Instead, XIST uses standalone VR headsets that display high-quality graphics streamed over WiFi – offering exciting interactive and fully immersive experiences that are more comfortable and cost-effective than many other free-roam systems available. Suitable for a whole range of uses, XIST is a pioneering, flexible and fun way to experience free-roam VR.

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Free roam Free roam
no heavy backpacks
WiFi based Wireless
no tethering
Unlimited playspace Unlimited
Customise your content Customise
your content
Power efficiency increaed arena time Power efficiency
increased arena time
Cost-effective Cost-effective
better value

Our mission is to create the world’s most versatile multiplayer free-roam virtual reality solution.

We aim to make the setup of location-based VR venues more cost-effective – in turn making free-roam VR accessible to everyone and enabling the creation of truly memorable group experiences.

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Fully managed VR solution
for my event or venue

XIST offers licensable content that has been created especially for the platform, providing a turnkey solution to quick and easy free-roam VR – for sale or to rent.

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Free-roam platform
I can create content for

The XIST hardware and SDK are available for content creators, enabling you to build and release your own free-roam VR experiences.

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Bespoke experience
built just for me

We can create completely bespoke free-roam experiences from the ground up to meet your needs, from marketing to entertainment to training.

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How XIST works

XIST consists of a stack of integrated tools and components that all work together to provide a complete free-roam VR system, without needing heavy backpack PCs or motion capture systems. XIST can provide the following core services:

The technology platform

This comprises the core technology, including the hardware, the calibration system, hand controllers, server software and setup, hand tracking and more – all of which is integrated and controlled through the XIST SDK.

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content library

XIST offers a content platform that’s built specifically for the XIST hardware, offering fun free-roam VR experiences – from short tasters to full multi-level multiplayer games.

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Installation and

As experts in implementing and installing VR experiences, we can advise you on how best to make use of XIST and support you throughout installation and deployment.

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free-roam solutions

We can build completely bespoke XIST experiences to meet your unique needs, or support other content creators who want to implement the XIST platform.

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