How XIST works

The technology platform

The XIST technology platform consists of a dedicated SDK and specific hardware that’s custom-built to make free-roam VR easy and reliable.

Custom built hardware

The hardware has been designed for the optimal user experience. This means ensuring the equipment is as lightweight and comfortable as possible, while enabling a wide range of functionality to deliver an interactive and immersive multiplayer experience.

XIST hardware
  • Lightweight micro-PC

    Every user wears a micro PC in a small and light, specially-designed, backpack. This processes data such as hand tracking and calibration.

  • Headset-mounted brackets

    These are made for the popular 6DOF capable headsets XIST supports, such as the Pico Neo and Oculus Quest, to add hand tracking and tracking cameras for positional calibration.

  • XIST object trackers

    These can track hand-held props such as guns and hand-controllers.

  • XIST calibration markers

    These are used for positional calibration within the playspace – one marker per each 5x5m area.

  • Optional DMX controllers

    XIST supports 4D playspace elements such as area heaters, fans, servo-powered doors or locks, etc, as per requirement.

  • Server and wireless networking

    Preconfigured server racks and wireless networking for driving headset visuals and multiplayer code.


The SDK gives content creators the ability to integrate their own content with the SDK hardware platform. Currently available in Unity3D with support for Unreal Engine coming soon, the SDK enables agencies, game studios and similar the ability to create content for the hardware setup.

  • Positional tracking system

    Easy-to-use default positional calibration sequence for quickly getting your players in and out of the playspace.

  • Object and hand tracking systems

    Out-of-the-box network aware hand tracking with several pre-rigged sample hand models.

  • Multiplayer AI

    Build complex multiplayer experiences, supporting synchronised scene loading and animation triggers, simple network aware NPC spawning and state-machine AI, network aware player weapons and other useful tools.

  • Player avatar configuration

    Simple player avatar instancing complete with IK rig and example avatars, all network aware.

  • Hardware management and configuration system

    Comprehensive hardware management and configuration console.

  • 4D trigger system

    Easy to use network APIs and components for integrating network aware objects and behaviours into your Xist scene.