Purchase Options

XIST is available to purchase as a full-stack solution or to hire for short term, temporary installations - both options include all the hardware required and access to the XIST content library.


For location-based entertainment venues, the purchase of an XIST solution enables the rapid deployment of and cost effective access to free-roam VR technology and a library of fun, engaging content.

The solution includes:

  • The XIST technology platform
  • Access to the content library
  • Installation and support
  • Ongoing software updates and maintenance
  • *Bespoke immersive content production

For purchase options and pricing, please get in touch


For short term, temporary installations such as brand immersion experiences, live events and pop-up playspaces, hiring an XIST solution can be the most affordable option.

In addition to the core XIST technology, hiring options include:

  • Pop-up playspace rigs - available in a range of standardised sizes
  • Delivery, installation and on-site support
  • Access to the content library
  • *Bespoke immersive content production

For hire options and pricing, please get in touch

*available as an option via Immersive Studios