Fully managed location-based VR

For my event or venue

XIST offers a turnkey solution for destination VR. This service consists of both hardware and ready-made content for dedicated venues, events or pop-ups, and we offer installation and support options to get it all up and running for you.

Location-based VR made simple

XIST works as a complete off-the-shelf solution for entertainment venues, leisure spaces or one-off events. The whole system is designed to make it quick and easy for you to provide fun and exciting free-roam VR in your venue at a cost-effective price.

XIST gives you

  • Multiplayer capabilities with up to 6 simultaneous players
  • Seamless scalability to match your venue size
  • Lightweight and comfortable equipment for users
  • Custom built XIST hardware
  • Companion app and booking system that can be customised to your brand.

Content to suit your needs

XIST includes a dedicated content library with a range of titles you can choose to run in your venue, from multiplayer games to shorter exciting experiences. The content library will be continually added to, allowing you to keep refreshing the free-roam experiences you offer to draw in more footfall. Designed exclusively for XIST hardware, the content titles can be customised subtly with your own brand. Our titles include:

Current titles

The War of the Worlds
The House of Frankenstein

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content library

XIST offers a content platform that’s built specifically for the XIST hardware, offering fun free-roam VR experiences – from short tasters to full multi-level multiplayer games.

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Installation and

As experts in implementing and installing VR experiences, we can advise you on how best to make use of XIST and support you throughout installation and deployment.

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