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XIST gives you everything you need to open and run your own free-roam VR venue in one complete package.

From the hardware to the online booking system to first-class technical support and a library of kick-ass games, XIST includes all the parts a venue needs to get up and running quickly and easily – at the most cost-effective price on the market.

This is because the system is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible to install and operate, regardless of your level of technical knowledge. This includes:

  • Single calibration process during initial installation
  • Simple tablet app that controls and runs the whole system
  • Full training and ongoing remote support if you need it.

With the capability to provide six-player free-roam experiences with PC grade graphics, XIST is uniquely designed for you to offer awesome games that bring your customers back again and again – while being as easy and cost-effective to run as it’s possible to get.

Arena players

Multiplayer games

With XIST, you’ve got access to a library of fully immersive and exhilarating multiplayer games that are sure to keep your customers coming back for more.



Humanity has a problem. Classified time travel technology was stolen by a robotic enemy of the human race – and they’ve travelled through time destroying whole civilisations. Now it’s time to fight back. Four levels. Four time zones. One enemy. Will your team save the world?

This multi-level multiplayer shooter game sends players on a mission to work together and save humanity, with each level representing a different time period. With custom gun controllers and physical elements in the playspace that match the virtual environment this is a fun and exciting game that’s perfect for an entertainment venue, with a runtime of up to half an hour.

revolt gameplay revolt gameplay
revolt gameplay revolt gameplay
Primal Reign
primal reign gameplay primal reign gameplay
primal reign gameplay primal reign gameplay


It’s the Second World War and allied soldiers are on the move in Egypt when they discover a mysterious device in the ruined chambers of the ancient tombs. The device has created a portal, but to where or when nobody knows. When some of your comrades are pulled through the portal it's up to you and your team to head through, fighting your way through whatever waits on the other side...

This four to six player game is a high-thrills shooter and strategy game with stunning graphics and custom gun controllers. Players have to work together to interact with the environment and fight off the hordes of enemies with an array of authentic World War Two era weapons, from machine guns to field artillery. It’s awesome.


Even before the coronavirus pandemic, hygiene has always been a priority for VR and we provide full guidance for maintaining the highest hygiene standards at your venue. Our core recommendations include:

  • Cleaning all equipment including headsets in between every play session
  • Offering disposable face coverings that fit inside the headset for every customer
  • All customers should wash their hands on entry and exit to the venue.

Equipment Package

XIST is a complete solution – it comes with everything you need to set up and run your venue.

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Easily scalable and simple to install, XIST comes in a complete package that suits venues large and small.

Get in touch to discuss your options.

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