A free-roam platform

For your own content

XIST is designed to provide a technology platform that content creators can use to develop their own free-roam VR experiences. Ideal for agencies, game studios and other XR content creators, XIST will provide the free-roam capability – and a blank page for your experience.


The XIST SDK – coming soon

The SDK will give content creators the ability to integrate their own content with the XIST hardware platform. The SDK will offer support for Unity3D and Unreal Engine, as well as access to all elements of the XIST system, such as positional tracking, object and hand tracking, multiplayer AI, configuration, and more. We can provide support and advice throughout the development process.

The XIST hardware

The XIST hardware is designed to be quick and easy to install, and light and comfortable for users to wear. It includes 6DOF headsets, such as the Pico Neo, as well as headset mounted brackets, trackers, server configuration and more. We are able to provide bespoke controllers, such as gun controllers, and can work with you to develop optional 4D elements for your experiences using the DMX protocol.

XIST hardware

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The technology platform

This comprises the core technology, including the hardware, the calibration system, hand controllers, server software and setup, hand tracking and more – all of which is integrated and controlled through the XIST SDK.

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Installation and

As experts in implementing and installing VR experiences, we can advise you on how best to make use of XIST and support you throughout installation and deployment.

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