Bespoke free-roam solutions

Built just for me

If you have a specific idea or project in mind for using free-roam VR, we can build it for you using the XIST platform – with custom content and hardware that match your needs.

Customisable creations

XIST is designed to be flexible. This means we can create new free-roam experiences from the ground up, including bespoke hardware such as hand controllers, gun controllers and physical props in the playspace – whatever your need, whatever your sector. Your bespoke experience could be anything from:

  • Fully-fledged multiplayer games
  • Training simulations
  • Brand experiences
  • Product demonstrations
  • Configurators
  • Educational tools
  • …and much more.

Create and collaborate in a fully immersive and interactive virtual world.

Free-roam VR has applications across multiple industries and sectors from training and education to product design and customer engagement.

Any idea, any sector

Because of its flexibility and cost-effective price, XIST is the ideal solution for agencies, production studios or direct clients who are looking for a specific free-roam VR experience but don’t have the capability in-house. We are happy to work with your team to devise the best way of creating your experience using XIST’s free-roam capabilities, and can then create both the content and set up the right hardware for you. We can even install and manage the delivered experience too. Simply get in touch to discuss your options.