How XIST works

Bespoke immersive content

Our in-house content team enables us not only to update our content library, but also to offer bespoke free-roam experiences, with content created from scratch to suit your needs.

Bespoke content creation service

We understand that you may want a completely unique free-roam experience. That’s why we’re able to create custom content to work with the XIST system, including bespoke hardware if needs be, in order to help you implement the free-roam experience you need. We can provide:

  • Creative and technical workshops to discuss and nail down the idea
  • Complete content creation for the XIST technology platform
  • Development of bespoke 4D elements
  • Implementation of hand tracking or bespoke hand controllers
  • Integration of booking system for location-based ticketed events
  • Installation in playspace and support throughout the experience’s run.

Customising pre-existing content

An alternative option we can offer is to customise pre-existing content so it aligns with a client’s requirements. For example, this could mean rebranding it in your style or making small changes to the content to reflect your purpose. We could even work with another content team to add support for the content that’s being independently developed. Depending on the original idea and the extent of changes, this could be a more cost-effective way to create an experience that’s just for you.

Pre-existing content